If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse!
Walt Disney

Colourful, creative art work can undoubtedly add magic to a room, creating a happy, stimulating and imaginative environment for children to grow up in.  I have always loved creating cartoons on paper; after training as a primary teacher I was given the task of brightening up the school library. After seeking inspiration from the children, I set about creating an elaborate wall mural, using their guidance and help. After seeing the positive, open mouthed excitement and delight on the children’s faces, I began to explore the possibility of doing children’s wall murals in people’s homes.


The positive impact that bright, happy and personable art work has on a child is limitless. It allows children to capture a moment in their child hood, allows them to express feelings that they can’t always express verbally, is a launch pad for conversation and unquestionably stimulates self-confidence.


I take great pleasure in creating unique, nostalgic, high quality and above all fun pieces of art work aimed at children, but also enjoyed by adults.