Oh Tigger, where are your manners? I don’t know, but I bet they’re having more fun than I am
A.A. Milne

I work in acrylic paint and my aim is to create a textured finish, such as you would see on a canvas. I believe that this adds depth, colour vibrancy and a painterly quality that brings out the personality of a character. Whether your child would like individual characters, or an entire wall scene, my aim is to make the art work stand out and be the show piece of the room.  


After an initial consultation to establish what characters/scene you would like, I will produce an A3/A2 paper design using pencil and paint. Once the final design is agreed, I sketch out the characters free-hand on the wall and then go about painting.   If your child is a budding artist and would like to help me, I can offer supervised guided painting sessions. This is a great confidence booster for any child and allows them to have ownership and pride in their own creation.  


If you’re not quite sure about having paint directly onto a wall, or are potentially moving house – a mural board is another option. This is similar to a plaster board, measured to size, and painted off site. This is then fixed to your wall, as you would a large painting. This is a good option if this is a gift,  you want an element of surprise, or you would like to take your creations with you, when you move house.

Children's Wall Murals